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25th Anniversary on 7/7! 🥳
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ISO 27001 ISMS executive support statement and base security policy 🚀

Rely on eSolia to act as your virtual Japan IT department. Our professionals speak multiple languages, and have a wide range of IT skills to cover your needs. Thanks to each of you, we will successfully pass our 25th Anniversary on 7th July, and are aiming for many more years in business. Trust us with your projects, and leverage our experience to help you succeed in Japan!

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Strong Foundations

eSolia イソリア is an Information Technology management firm based in Tokyo, that has been providing high-quality business-focused consulting, project and outsourcing services since 1999.

At eSolia, we build on strong foundations – let us develop a long-term relationship together.

What We Do

Wide Ranging IT

eSolia’s professional staff handles a wide range of IT activities, from infrastructure and operations, website design and database development, to management and governance.

You’re sure to find that we can cover your needs, and we’ll do so following your directives, standards and mandate.

Track Record

Successful Japan Projects

We serve a variety of blue-chip foreign and Japanese organizations in Japan, the Asia Pacific region and around the world. We are a globally-minded organization that focuses on the challenges of multi-cultural, multi-language environments, and have a successful track record in handling complex high-pressure projects.

We have the confidence to find solutions for all your system and process challenges.

Why eSolia?

Our Value

eSolia works as a team, providing you all the skills a typical IT department has. We hire multilingual professionals, who can communicate effectively with both the HQ IT and Japan business teams, as well as negotiate on your behalf with local vendors, who won’t speak your language.

As we perform work to support you, we use our well-developed support systems to document and communicate clearly.

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What they're saying

eSolia helped us to see the light at the end of the tunnel, when they successfully managed our complex, multi-year project.

eSolia's technical knowledge was second-to-none, and they could explain difficult solutions in layman's terms so that everyone understood every detail.


The latest short posts from eSolia

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2024-Jul-04To mark our 25th anniversary, we have taken the opportunity to refresh our logo to evoke a feeling of “blooming” where our original one was focused on “sowing seeds”. For this redesign, we relied on the excellent skills of Lucie Baratte (Blog), who gave us a wonderful and versatile new logo to mark our next 25 years! Thank you, Lucie! 🎉
2024-Jul-03Thanks to our clients, partners and staff, we are able to celebrate eSolia’s 25th Anniversary! We founded eSolia Inc on 7th July 1999 for IT service excellence, and have continued to work on our service maturity including preparation for achieving ISO 27001 certification. Thank you sincerely for your support all these years, and here’s to everyone’s health and happiness going forward! 🎉㊗️
2024-Apr-26Japan will be in the “Golden Week” holiday, starting 29th April and running through 6th May 2024. We will be back in the office from Tuesday 7th May. We hope everyone stays safe and healthy, and we wish you a restful break. 🎏🇯🇵
2024-Apr-01We updated our commercial disclosure page for our PROdb Cloud Database service, adding a little information to make it easier to understand.
2024-Mar-30We published our commercial disclosure page for our PROdb Cloud Database service, and added Stripe as a credit card payment processor.
2024-Feb-24We updated our privacy policy, updating its structure and clarifying where your PII is stored.
2024-Jan-05Happy New Year! We continue to build our ISO 27001 ISMS, having spent the past year building and training. Thanking you for your business and support in the coming year, as always. 🎍
2023-Aug-17Team eSolia is back at work from today 17th Aug. Thank you for your patience while we work through any requests that we received during the holidays. 🚀

Our Pledge

is our promise

  • We book only what is required, never creating work to inflate the bill.
  • We work quickly following best practices, or your SOPs if defined.
  • We take ownership of tasks through to the end, and report the results thoroughly.
  • We trade your commitment to us, for more favorable professional rates, acting with company health and stability in mind.

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Our Latest Successful Completions

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2023-Sept-01Small office setup in Yokohama, including fiber line and ISP arrangements, mini-rack and UPS, Fortinet FortiWifi with VPN connection to client’s infrastructure, Poly Teams Room videoconferencing, workstations, and Fujifilm printer / fax.Energy Management Control Solution Firm
2023-Aug-25Relocated warehouse ceiling cables for wireless access points and printers, to factory office area, performed troubleshooting on one due to poor performance shown by cable test. Discovered water damage to cables, attempted to clean it up, and replaced cable as needed.Steel Wire Technology Maker
2023-Aug-25Install a dual display stand kit, mount displays, tidy up cables.Asset Management Firm
2023-Aug-07Deploy 3 Nutanix devices for cloud service unification.Asset Management Firm
2023-Jul-27Coordinate site survey prior to NTT fiber line installation, take photos to show relevant site details.Energy Management Control Solution Firm
2023-Jul-04Steward removal of Colt fiber line and related equipment, tidy cables, update documentation.Law Firm
2023-Jun-26Localized Japanese Language Website LaunchSteel Wire Technology Maker
2023-May-26Perform IT equipment shutdown and restart, during annual planned building power outage, coordinate PBX maintenance, and remove old server and UPS equipment from rack for decommissioning.Steel Wire Technology Maker

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