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Your Website Design is Integral to Your Business

Or, at least it should be. When you launch a website, it should actively market to help your business grow, and not just act as a static brochure. The benefits of a well-designed website are enormous, but the primary goal of a site launch is to make a fantastic first impression immediately to visitors, with the perfect tone. Your corporate vision should be built directly in to how the site is designed and assembled, and be apparent to a visitor right away, either directly or subconsciously.

What Web Design Services does eSolia Provide?


  1. Planning - Contract, Requirements, Structure, Roles, Infra
  2. Design - Framework, Mockup, Review
  3. Development - Environment, Page Types, Customization, Content, Test
  4. Launch - Final Test, Unhide, Polish, Handoff
  5. Maintain - Edits, Patching, Backup, Upgrade

eSolia’s web design team can create a Japan site from scratch, or localize an existing site, for success in Japan. We adjust to your needs, paying close attention to your vision, identity and requirements, and delivering a wide range of complementary services:

  • Project Management
  • Pre-development Design Discussion and Decision-making with Client
  • Engineering for Infrastructure and Services for Web Hosting, DNS, CDN, Database, CMS, e-Commerce, Backup
  • Software Development, in standard HTML, CSS, Javascript, as well as server-side technologies, all source-code controlled
  • “Responsive” Design for Mobile Device Visitors
  • Content and Copywriting, to persuade and call to action
  • Photography and Videography
  • Graphic, Chart and Logo Design
  • Content Accessibility Optimization
  • Content Search Engine Optimization “SEO”
  • Webmastering and Maintenance

On Static versus CMS

eSolia can deploy a static site, like the one you are looking at now, or a CMS-based site such as Wordpress or Typo3. Some of the considerations regarding static websites vs CMS-hosted ones are shown in the following table:

Aspect Static CMS
Performance Best Lower
Security Highest Lower
Infrastructure Simpler More Complex
Backup Easy More Difficult
Data Driven No Yes
Content Update Via Files Access Dashboard
Visual Style Any Themes
Upgrades As You Like Continual & Fragile

We discuss this topic at the beginning of any from-scratch project.

What Will You Get?

Your new Japan site will have these characteristics:

  • Professional web design quality that follows global web standards.
  • Fluid usability and navigation for visitors, “responsive” to desktop or mobile viewers.
  • Pages that are optimized for Search Engines, having the best “SEO” possible.
  • Highest quality localization, including for Japan e-commerce, with unparalleled attention to detail.
  • Easy access to any collected data.

We deliver on time, and within the budget for an agreed scope. We’re confident that you’re sure to join our other clients in loving our work, so please use the form below to contact us today.


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