Effective Training

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Training is the Best Investment


  1. Agree requirements, any customization
  2. New contract, or, agree scope under existing contract
  3. Preparation
  4. Training Delivery
  5. Training Followup

eSolia delivers training to help our clients maximize their technology investment, increase productivity, reduce support costs and motivate employees.

Although most training courses comprise similar basic elements, not all training is the same. eSolia’s training is designed to meet the specific needs of each customer, and is delivered in a flexible manner by experienced trainers and technical professionals.

eSolia Training Types

eSolia provides the following types of training:

  • New hire orientation training for company employees
  • Productivity software training for office workers
  • Technical topic training for developers and system administrators
  • Localized training for your corporate application
  • Ad hoc training during projects, for a specific purpose

… in the following sort of training scenarios:

  • Conference room training at your site using your computing environment
  • One-to-one consultative training, in person or via remote access
  • Training at off-site locations

Housekeeping: Preparation & Cancellation

Training requires preparation, which can be performed under your existing master contract, or as a separate project. For fully custom training, preparation can be quite extensive (indeed, it is a project in itself), but for pre-existing training, preparation is relatively quick.

eSolia has a specific cancellation policy for scheduled classes, the gist of which is, the closer to the time of the class, the more is owed in the case of a cancellation.

In both cases, the details will be made clear when discussing the project.

Success Stories

eSolia has been successfully delivering training to our clients since 1999. Here’s a sampling of the courses we’ve delivered, since starting:

  • New hire training for almost all clients with ongoing contracts
  • MS Office Upgrade
  • Lotus Notes to MS Outlook Migration
  • Custom ERP Order Entry System
  • Custom CRM System
  • Salesforce.com Basics
  • Custom Marketing Segmentation System
  • Practical Security
  • Sharepoint Intranet
  • Lync Telephone System
  • BroadSoft Telephone System
  • Basic Japan Business Etiquette
  • Japanese Text Entry Basics

What are the Benefits?

The advantages to an ongoing training program are clear:

  • Businesses get - improved performance, profit and staff morale. Skills needed for the business can be targeted, and there is a clear demonstration that the business values its workers.
  • Staff get - new skills, ability to do new or different activities, a better ability to contribute to the business, a stronger feeling that the business values them, and better future opportunities.

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