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  3. Quotes and Contracting
  4. Orders and Configuration
  5. Site Installation
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  7. Maintenance

Isn’t it Time? …that you seriously considered replacing your aging and old-fashioned PBX? If you are in the market for a new Telephone or IP PBX System or have interest in “Voice Over IP” thinking about the benefits of something like Skype or Google Voice, eSolia will implement a modern telephone system for you: a full-featured, IP PBX or Unified Communications system.

Of course, since we opened in 1999, we have run projects to implement the Cisco, Avaya or Nortel systems that our multinational clients require, but there are alternatives out there that will get you up and running on a modern system, with all the desirable features, at a great cost-performance price point.

We will design, source, implement, customize, troubleshoot, and train your firm on the system, as well as maintain it going forward.

IP Phone System Benefits

Consider a modern IP phone system if:

  • you want a system with good cost-performance and ROI.
  • you need an implementation team that knows Japan telecomms.
  • you desire ease-of-use combined with enterprise level scalability or interoperability.
  • you require all the modern features such as voicemail, auto-attendant, follow-me, speed dial, call forwarding, conference bridge, music on hold, call park, as well as advanced features such as unified communications, ACD or IVR.

Turnkey Cloud Phone Service

About PBXL

Established 2006, and licensed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, PBXL is a pioneer in creating innovative cloud-based communication solutions in Japan.

PBXL is focused on delivering the best possible customer experience, with friendly, expert staff who are here for you every step of the way, from installation through to day-to-day operations. We’ll help you build a happier, more productive workforce and leverage the power of open collaboration and mobile staff.

eSolia partners with PBXL, a leading provider of cloud IP phone systems, to provide our clients with the best subscription IP phone service available.

Graphic of PBXL Logo

The PBXL “Cloud Phone” service empowers companies with a fully featured, modern phone system that you can access from anywhere, anytime, whether from desk phones in your office, or from an iPhone or Android smart phone.

Some of the highlights of what you get with the PBXL service:

  • Turnkey full-featured phone solution, with no premise PBX device needed
  • Smartphone integration and “BYOD” or ‘bring your own device’ capability
  • Communications cost reduction, including an “all you can call” option plan, for 22 countries
  • Support for your “BCP”, or ‘business continuity plan’
  • Call forwarding, to help you stay reachable even when you’re away
  • Call parking, to let you place a call on hold, then retrieve it anywhere
  • 3-way conference calling, to let you easily connect people in a group call
  • Call pickup, letting you take control of calls on other lines
  • Fax2Email, to receive inbound faxes on your mobile or pickup
  • “DND” or ‘do not disturb’ feature, to let you schedule your downtime

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