Development of Genetic Test Order Entry System

To Increase Efficiency and Reduce Order Entry Errors

Project Background

Provision of project management, and system design, test and develop for an order entry system for a genetic testing firm. Our client requires an order entry system that allows physicians to enter information pertinent to orders of genetic tests, so that order entry personnel do not have to decipher messy handwriting. Physicians can now log in, create an order, agree to disclaimers and informed consent requirement, enter relevant information, and generate a PDF in a very simple process. PDF is sent to order entry personnel, who can now more easily perform their jobs.

Project Aspect Note
Organization Type Healthcare Firm
Completion Date 8 Feb 2021
Team Members 2
Users 3000
Project Duration 6
Project Effort 2
Sites PROdb Datacenter, Japan Hospitals


  • Order entry personnel cannot read handwriting of physicians on order forms.
  • Many human errors in OE process lead to cost and time efficiency challenges.


  • Implement custom system on PROdb cloud database.
  • Allow each physician to log in, enter orders, agree to disclaimers and informed consent requirement, generate PDFs with relevant info.
  • Physicians are guided through order process via inline help, so very little on-boarding training is required.
  • System has an alerts feature, allowing client administrators to make a quick entry about a new feature or planned downtime outage. Alerts appear as a dismissable popup on the order screen.
  • Order entry personnel receive easy-to-read PDF with no handwriting. Important numbers are formatted with a programming font that makes order entry less error prone, due to clarity between glyphs such as zero 0 or capital oh O.
  • PROdb is a secure system to begin with, and the physicians' entries are automatically cleared so no personally identifiable information is stored.


  • Human errors reduced to zero in order entry process.
  • Onboarding cost is reduced due to in-line help and guidance.
  • Order entry statistics regarding volume are clearly visible, for planning purposes.
  • Patient privacy is protected due to system design.


  • PROdb cloud database system.
  • Custom domain and SSL certificate for encryption.
  • Microsoft technology stack, including SQL Server, Word “mail merge” of data, to generate PDFs.

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