Move from Serviced to Leased Office

for a Medical Devices Maker

Project Background

Medical device maker was moved from their serviced office into a 743.1 m2 (~8000 ft2) office space in a prestigious location near Tokyo station. The contract is a non-standard one, in which the current tenant vacates without returning the site to its original state, leaving it partially constructed or furnished. This style is eco-friendly, allows for a quicker move timeframe, and saves money for all involved.

Project Aspect Note
Organization Type Medical Device Maker
Completion Date 17 Oct 2016
Team Members 15
Users 50
Project Duration 4
Project Effort 6
Sites Tokyo x 2


  • Maker government approval was imminent, so a larger space was required to support a rapidly growing staff.
  • Office was not bespoke and IT areas were “as is”.
  • HQ IT structured cabling standard brand was too expensive in Japan.
  • Company is dependent upon Internet for many business systems.


  • Maker selected “partially furnished” office which has high-end and impressive spaces already built.
  • IT specification was adjusted to fit the space and the HVAC capacity, rather than the other way around.
  • Use high quality domestic rack and cable brands, as well as anti-static tile in the server room.
  • Install redundant Internet lines.


  • Build cost reduced by half over a typical from-scratch office build.
  • Artificial constraints of “as is” space, triggered team to think thoroughly about specifications and re-consider what was actually needed.
  • Domestic rack and cable brands are objectively equal or better to imported ones, for less money.
  • System can failover from the primary Internet line to the secondary.


  • Polycom IP phones
  • Cisco network
  • ALSOK security system
  • Kawamura system racks, domestic high-quality Cat 6 and 6A cable
  • Redundant Internet lines from different carriers on differing networks

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