M&A-related BPR Business Process Re-engineering

at a Major Hearing Aid Manufacturer

Project Background

Provision of Project Management, Consulting (IT and BPR) and ongoing support services, to complete the activities related to the M&A of a foreign and two domestic companies.

Successfully executed Business Process Reengineering, IT system consolidation, close-down of a Tokyo factory consolidating its operations to a site in Yamato Kanagawa. After go-live, developed a simple inventory control application and set up EDI connectivity, while advising on IT strategy, policy localization and helpdesk structure.

Parameter Value
Team Members PM x 1, Consultant x 4, Developer x 1, Engineer x 2, Functional Key User x 4
Users 100
Project Duration (Months) 18 months
Project Effort (Months) 36 person-months
Sites Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, Belgium


  • Strong Project leadership required for extremely challenging M&A-related deadline.
  • HR-related problems in very different corporate cultures.
  • No IT standards with a hodge-podge of equipment, much of it consumer grade.
  • Factories not using flow manufacturing. BPR required.
  • Inventory database maintenance unreasonably expensive for such a simple application.


  • Re-engineer Business Processes for factories.
  • Run project to consolidate factories.
  • Assist with HR re-trench.
  • Employ standardized PCs where possible.
  • LAN and WAN linkup, IP address changes.
  • Develop more flexible inventory database which is inexpensive to maintain.


  • M&A deadline beat.
  • Cost saved because of re-employment and outplacement of staff.
  • Staff trained on more efficient work methods.
  • IT staff changed out, structured IT strategy now employed.
  • IT equipment upgraded and standardized.
  • Inventory database re-implemented on inexpensive-to-maintain platform.


  • Cisco-based Network for LAN and WAN.
  • Smile Alpha sales / accounting.
  • eSolia custom applications for inventory data-entry to replace antiquated programs and link to the sales and accounting system.
  • Standardization on Dell equipment for PCs and Servers.

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