Extract Documents from Database

in Future-Proof Markdown Text

Project Background

The client database allows saving long-form text in a field as a “document” in standard textual markdown format, but these saved documents are available only in the database, as a data field. It is best if they are extracted from the database regularly, to make them “future proof” and accessible as actual text files, and allow them to be placed into source code version control.

Project Aspect Note
Organization Type IT Services Firm
Completion Date 12 Sep 2018
Team Members 2
Users 10
Project Duration 1
Project Effort 1
Sites Tokyo Office, US Datacenter


  • Markdown text documents are stored in a database long text field, and while the db is being backed up, the documents are not accessible as separate files.


  • Develop a script to extract the documents as text files, and commit them to git source code version control.


  • Documents available as simple markdown formatted text files can be easily migrated to other systems.
  • Storing text documents in a source code version control system like git, allows changes to be tracked as “diffs”.


  • Microsoft SQL
  • Shell script using “jq” json manipulation utility
  • cron for scheduling

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