Datacenter Refresh and UPS Upgrade

at a Major US Law Firm

Project Background

Provision of project management and engineering for a Tokyo data center, upgrading APC Symmetra to the latest Symmetra LX.

Additionally, we took advantage of the opportunity to be allowed by the busy legal professionals to have a full 40-hour time window, to bolster the data center’s earthquake proofing, and to remove old equipment and cable, as well as to re-vamp the structured cabling in the racks to gain more space for growth.

This project took a long time to plan, and was a challenge to execute, given the many teams involved - project, construction, electricity, cabling and test.

Parameter Value
Team Members PM x 2, Consultant x 2, Engineer x 10, Construction-related x 20, Key User x 2
Users 40
Project Duration (Months) 36 months
Project Effort (Months) 400 person-months
Sites Tokyo, NY


  • End of life UPS equipment
  • Earthquake resistance could be improved
  • General datacenter “entropy” such as old cable, old equipment
  • No space in racks
  • Labeling could be improved


  • Implement latest redundant APC Symmetra LX 8Kva with 2-hour runtime
  • Bolster earthquake proofing, which necessitates removal of all equipment and racks, and reinstallation of the entire DC.
  • Remove old equipment and cable, and rearrange to make space
  • Label so that things are easy to find and troubleshoot


  • Greatly improved fireproofing and earthquake resistance in DC.
  • Space created inside and around racks, removing the need for space for additional new racks.
  • Cleanup included numbered patch cables, to allow traceabilty for better troubleshooting.
  • Latest APC UPS technology now in place, for a supported and robust solution.


  • APC Symmetra LX 8KVa UPS
  • APC System Racks

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