Modern, Mobile-First Website

for an Academic Council

Project Background

We initially built this website for the “Council for Clinical Use of Ventricular Assist Device Related Academic Societies, IMPELLA committee” based on an old design from a site that the committee chairperson had commissioned a few years ago. This was done to get a site launched quickly to save time. Over the 9-month project period however, we modernized the site design making it “mobile-first”, and then added an English language side to the site. The site also incorporates data stored in eSolia’s secure cloud database PROdb, such as member societies, short informational updates, and registered facilities.

Project Aspect Note
Organization Type Medical Device Maker
Completion Date 1 Mar 2018
Team Members 3
Users 3
Project Duration 9
Project Effort 4
Sites Tokyo


  • A site was needed almost immediately.
  • CMS systems are complex and insecure, but data feeds are still required.
  • Sites must be “mobile first” or “responsive” to compete.
  • Backups should be enabled as a best practice.
  • English translation will be needed for daily operations.


  • Initial site was launched in a couple weeks based on an existing design, then re-designed with a modern approach afterwards.
  • Used the world’s fastest static site generator “Hugo” over a CMS like Wordpress, for the highest level of performance and security.
  • Data is being stored in eSolia’s secure cloud database PROdb, and lists of this data are embedded in the site.
  • Used “Tachyons”, a modern CSS library that supports “mobile first” and “responsive”, yet rapid design.
  • Used a modern development approach incorporating git and continuous integration deployment.
  • When a Japanese data entry is made by Council operators, PROdb automatically alerts the translation team so an English equivalent can be quickly made.


  • Rapid development concept gets the information published.
  • Re-design using Hugo and Tachyons provides mobile-first, responsive design.
  • PROdb usage allows users to quickly and securely self-manage their data. The translation process is smooth and almost automatic.
  • Use of a modern development toolset means the site is backed up and changes can be tracked transparently.


  • Hugo static site generator.
  • Tachyons CSS library.
  • PROdb cloud database.

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