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2023-Sept-01Small office setup in Yokohama, including fiber line and ISP arrangements, mini-rack and UPS, Fortinet FortiWifi with VPN connection to client’s infrastructure, Poly Teams Room videoconferencing, workstations, and Fujifilm printer / fax.Energy Management Control Solution Firm
2023-Aug-25Relocated warehouse ceiling cables for wireless access points and printers, to factory office area, performed troubleshooting on one due to poor performance shown by cable test. Discovered water damage to cables, attempted to clean it up, and replaced cable as needed.Steel Wire Technology Maker
2023-Aug-25Install a dual display stand kit, mount displays, tidy up cables.Asset Management Firm
2023-Aug-07Deploy 3 Nutanix devices for cloud service unification.Asset Management Firm
2023-Jul-27Coordinate site survey prior to NTT fiber line installation, take photos to show relevant site details.Energy Management Control Solution Firm
2023-Jul-04Steward removal of Colt fiber line and related equipment, tidy cables, update documentation.Law Firm
2023-Jun-26Localized Japanese Language Website LaunchSteel Wire Technology Maker
2023-May-26Perform IT equipment shutdown and restart, during annual planned building power outage, coordinate PBX maintenance, and remove old server and UPS equipment from rack for decommissioning.Steel Wire Technology Maker
2023-May-26Replace existing ceiling-mounted Cisco wireless access points, and deploy additional new one in data center.Asset Management Firm
2023-Apr-29Steward IT equipment power off and power up, and operational validation, for planned annual building power maintenance.Medical Device Maker
2023-Mar-31Replace ceiling-mounted wireless access point, patch to specific switch port, validate connectivity for guest and company Wifi. Additionally, trace LAN cable for a later task.Asset Management Firm
2023-Mar-19Shutdown and restart all IT equipment at warehouse / distribution center, due to planned annual power maintenance. Validate all IT and business operational functions for regular business starting the next day.Medical Device Maker
2023-Feb-11Steward IT equipment shutdown and restart, during planned regular power outage at Tokyo site building. Remove decommissioned equipment, tidy up cables.Law Firm
2023-Jan-24Deploy 2 new FortiGate 101F firewalls and a new OpenGear to allow HQ IT remote access. Assist validation, then remove equipment to be decommissioned.Law Firm
2022-Nov-11Perform audio visual system demo, to evaluate difference between Logicool Rally Plus vs Rally Bar.Law Firm
2022-Nov-07Steward shutdown and restart of IT equipment for annual planned building power cycle, then validate all business systems such as fax order entry.Medical Device Maker
2022-Oct-22Convert conference room video conferencing system from Cisco Webex Video to MS Teams, installing Lenovo ThinkSmart core kit for MS Teams and touchpad controller, ClearOne ceiling microphone, ceiling speakers, Huddly L1 camera and removing Webex all-in-one kit and its touchpad.Asset Management Firm
2022-Sept-29Install APC Smart-UPS 3000 RM UPS Replacement, including shutting down connected servers and devices, disconnect and reconnect, configure management card, re-start and validation.Steel Wire Technology Maker
2022-Sept-09Annual disaster recovery test, Bloomberg Software and Laptop imaging, pre- and post-failover.Asset Management Firm
2022-Sept-08New edge router deployment and remote access console connection.Law Firm
2022-Sept-03Re-mount existing wall-mounted conference room 75-inch monitor and install additional 43-inch monitor for AV system.Medical Device Maker
2022-Jul-30Cisco switch replacement work for DMZ security improvement.Asset Management Firm
2022-Jun-11Perform Windows update patching for on-premise Servers, patch firmware on network and security devices.Analytical Instruments Maker
2022-May-02Steward PBX migration to new model and desk phones.Asset Management Firm
2022-Apr-17Steward annual datacenter blackout over weekend, with IT equipment shutdown, restart and troubleshooting.Medical Device Maker
2022-Apr-12Warehouse core switch replacement project.Steel Wire Technology Maker
2022-Apr-06Tokyo office core switch replacement project.Steel Wire Technology Maker
2022-Apr-06Office ceiling-mount wireless access point swap to new model.Medical Device Maker
2022-Apr-05Pulse security device outage and emergency replacement stewardship.Law Firm
2022-Mar-21Japan distribution center Kardex Remstar shuttle deployment project - launch preparation (LAN, printers, desk moves).Medical Device Maker
2022-Mar-08Supervised APC support vendor to replace the intelligence module in Symmetra UPS, and de-rack three devices for decommissioning.Law Firm
2022-Feb-11Windows Server update patching, Firewall and network device firmware updates.Analytical Instruments Maker
2022-Jan-15Handle annual power outage shutdown and restart, troubleshooting door security, new UPS, PBX voicemail.Asset Management Firm
2022-Jan-15Steward annual building blackout, IT equipment shutdown, restart and troubleshooting.Asset Management Firm
2022-Jan-08Japan distribution center Kardex Remstar shuttle deployment project - LAN installation.Medical Device Maker
2021-Nov-29Tokyo server room UPS battery and PDU troubleshooting - XR Frame and battery unit replacement.Law Firm
2021-Oct-22Annual disaster recovery test - pre- and post-failure IT operations.Asset Management Firm
2021-Oct-21Troubleshoot Server Room UPS battery problem after burning smell detected.Law Firm
2021-Aug-26“Local hands and eyes” assist for Cisco ISE software upgrade after breakfix.Law Firm
2021-Aug-02Launch of website to allow registration by healthcare professionals nationwide to participate in order entry system, including site and page design, anti-spam security, database design, furigana-romaji conversion API development, invitation email, operational workflow design on backend.Healthcare Firm
2021-Jul-31Handle all aspects of office move to another building within Tokyo, including project management, and coordination of move, along with installs or upgrades to all IT infrastructure aspects, including LAN cabling, wireless, network, phone system, multi-function printers, video conferencing system.Medical Device Maker
2021-Jul-17Handle all aspects of office move in Tokyo, within the same building to downsize space, performing project management and coordination of move vendors vis-à-vis IT. Major activity was installations or upgrades for all IT infrastructure aspects, including LAN cabling, wireless, network including site-to-site VPN to HQ and DC, phone system, multi-function printers, video conferencing system, fax server system, various new peripherals for end-users and others.Medical Device Maker
2021-Jun-30Handling urgent Cisco ISE device troubleshooting, warranty hardware breakfix and secure disposal.Law Firm
2021-Feb-18Backup storage server unexpected outage. Stewarded fix with hardware engineer to replace needed parts.Law Firm
2021-Feb-08Completed major project to develop, test and launch an order entry system for physicians to order genetic tests online, based on our PROdb cloud database system.Healthcare Firm
2021-Jan-20Mini LAN construction for minor equipment rearrangement at warehouse.Medical Device Maker
2021-Jan-17Breakfix for server RAID array HDD hardware failure. Server is out of warranty, so we arranged an appropriate spare, purchasing from old stock for that model.Steel Wire Technology Maker
2020-Oct-21Japan network is unstable due to Dell switch hardware problems. Stewarded a replacement of the core switches over multiple troubleshooting sessions, with full IT functionality re-validation.Car Parts Maker
2020-Oct-15Build and Launch of localized marketing website, integration with eSolia cloud database PROdb.Healthcare Firm
2020-Sept-17Installation of new LAN Cabling on and between floors, to allow modern IP phone system to be deployed.Real Estate Finance Management
2020-Aug-05Steward a Major Incident regarding a Network Outage (WAN provider line outage).Electron Microscope Maker
2020-Mar-08Steward annual fire-code power outage IT shutdown, restart and re-validation, as well as Canon multi-function printer/copier move.Medical Device Maker
2020-Feb-26De-rack backup server and prepare for HDD sendback and main unit disposal, troubleshoot UPS PDU, followup HVAC problem.Law Firm
2020-Feb-19Structured LAN cabling related to warehouse expansion, move multi-function copier from floor to floor, and troubleshoot 3 wireless AP certificate issues.Medical Device Maker
2020-Feb-15Perform regular Windows patch updates on servers, signature updates for anti-virus, and firmware update on Firewall. Install, test, validate the everyday functionality after the updates as a QC step.Analytical Instruments Maker
2020-Feb-06Videoconferencing system unneeded parts and cable removal, replacement work.Asset Management Firm
2020-Feb-02Cisco Unified Call Manager HQ Update, local branch IP Phone operation validation (inbound call, outbound call, voicemail save and retrieve, call hold and transfer, desktop phone screen and LED indicators).Electron Microscope Maker
2020-Jan-18Steward annual fire-code power outage IT shutdown, restart and re-validation, as well as wall mount display construction.Asset Management Firm
2019-Dec-19Coordinate new Giga-class Internet line installation at sister sites, switchover office connectionReal Estate Finance Management
2019-Dec-18Coordinate new WAN line installation (NTT fiber and Colt ONU), switch from old fiber to newLaw Firm
2019-Dec-15Replace videoconferencing equipment with new Cisco VC devices in two large meeting rooms, perform construction to mount two large-screen monitors on wallsAsset Management Firm
2019-Nov-18Deploy new backup server (rackmount, connect), photograph and reportLaw Firm
2019-Nov-07Switched office WAN user traffic from Orange to AT&T Circuit, then re-validated all aspects of ITElectron Microscope Maker
2019-Oct-16Deploy replacement Fortinet 100E Firewall, troubleshooting with remote engineer to ensure office Internet speed same or better, validating as neededSteel Wire Technology Maker
2019-Oct-12Perform regular Windows update on servers, signature update for anti-virus, and firmware update on Firewall. Install, test, validate daily functionality.Analytical Instruments Maker
2019-Oct-11Steward IT shutdown and restart during planned annual building power cycle and testing, working around system migration to Amazon AWS cloudSecurities Firm
2019-Oct-02Coordinate backup tape drive unit replacement for continually failing device, gracefully shutting down and restarting virtual servers, testing and validatingSteel Wire Technology Maker
2019-Oct-02Deploy Riverbed SteelConnect in datacenter to enhance SD-WAN performance and redundancy, including rack mounting and cabling changesMedical Device Maker
2019-Oct-01Manage project for Japan VAT change from 8% to 10% in Navision ERP system, perform validation tests required by compliance related to calculations and client-facing outputMedical Device Maker
2019-Sept-23Multi-day office layout change equipment move, pull new and remove old cable, re-connect and system validationHealthcare Firm
2019-Aug-02Steward system shutdown and restart for annual power maintenance and tests in Yokohama building, IT systems test and daily-use validationAnalytical Instruments Maker
2019-Jul-25ATT WAN circuit activation and Cisco router and switch re-routing after office hoursElectron Microscope Maker
2019-Jul-06High-end Projector Installation and Room-to-Room Display Relocation ConstructionMedical Device Maker
2019-Jun-18Datacenter Device Removal Work from 5 racks, in preparation for moveIT Services Firm
2019-May-31Replace old VC system with Polycom Real Presence 310 and validation of connection to several sitesMedical Device Maker
2019-May-25Steward annual power outage of office, including startup, test and daily use validation and Hyper-V and VPN failure troubleshootingMedical Device Maker
2019-May-25Steward annual power outage system shutdown and restart, test and daily use validation and old firewall failure troubleshooting and break-fixElectron Microscope Maker
2019-May-09New Router Install x2 and ATT Fiber Line ImplementationElectron Microscope Maker
2019-Apr-25Remove Decommissioned Citrix NetScaler Appliance, and re-rack surrounding equipment to make earthquake proof.Law Firm
2019-Apr-24Site Survey and planning for 18-year-old out-of-warranty structured cabling replacement project.Law Firm
2019-Apr-13Structured cabling tidy-up work during planned power cycle event.Asset Management Firm
2019-Mar-13Breakfix for failed Yamaha RTX 1210 router/firewall, rewrite of configuration to use latest OS commands.IT Services Firm
2019-Mar-10Steward annual power maintenance of IT for distribution center / warehouse, including startup, test and daily use validation after power up.Medical Device Maker
2019-Mar-05Perform rack-mount and connection of Dell SecureWorks iSensor appliance, working with HQ IT team to test and validate.Law Firm
2019-Mar-02Steward IT Equipment Shutdown, Restart & Validation, along with some documentation refresh and tidy-up, during Building’s Annual Planned Power OutageAsset Management Firm
2019-Feb-24Perform office layout change including display mount construction, LAN cabling and move of IT-related devices. Install, test, validate.Medical Device Maker
2019-Feb-22Perform IT coordination for internal office layout change, working with furniture and moving vendors, as well as staff (Phase 1)Asset Management Firm
2019-Feb-16Work with WAN network provider to plan and install router iOS Adaptive QoS Vulnerability security patch.Electron Microscope Maker
2019-Feb-16Perform regular Windows update on servers and firmware update on Firewall. Install, test, validate daily functionalityAnalytical Instruments Maker
2019-Feb-15Work with Serviced Office to Steward Client IT Equipment Shutdown, Restart & Validation, along with some documentation upgrades, during Building’s Annual Planned Power OutageIntellectual Property Support Firm
2019-Feb-13System test for new medical product launch.Medical Device Maker
2019-Feb-10Steward IT Equipment Shutdown, Restart & Validation, along with some documentation upgrades and decommissioned system planning, during Building’s Annual Planned Power OutageLaw Firm
2019-Jan-26Steward IT Equipment Shutdown, Restart & Validation, along with some documentation upgrades and old VC system planning, during Building’s Annual Planned Power OutageMedical Device Maker
2019-Jan-23RightFAX fax server & gateway device weekend replacement, cut-over and validation at KDDI data centerMedical Device Maker
2019-Jan-22Raritan KVM device cable tidy-up, organization and labeling, reconnectionAsset Management Firm
2019-Jan-20Steward IT Equipment Shutdown, Restart & Validation, along with documentation upgrades, switch cable cleanup, and troubleshooting for VC system voice or speaker and phone system Hold problemAsset Management Firm
2019-Jan-19Wall-Mounted Presentation Display Relocation, Reconnection, ValidationMedical Device Maker
2018-Dec-27New Telecommunication-related Product Market Entry Discussion and ResearchMedical Device Maker
2018-Dec-14UPS Power Distribution Unit Password Reset and ReconfigurationLaw Firm
2018-Nov-22User Access Violation Security AuditPublic Works Firm
2018-Nov-21New EDI Server Upgrade, Re-ValidationMedical Device Maker
2018-Nov-16Research and Confirm Viability of Firm’s Global Standard UPS Usage in JapanAsset Management Firm
2018-Nov-15New AT&T Carrier VPN Line and Device Install, Service Turn-upElectron Microscope Maker
2018-Nov-12Steward IT Equipment Shutdown, Restart & Validation, along with some upgrades, during Building’s Annual Planned Power OutageAnalytical Instruments Maker
2018-Nov-11Steward IT Equipment Upgrade, Shutdown, Restart & Validation, Troubleshooting, during Building’s Annual Planned Power OutageMedical Device Maker
2018-Nov-08New Office Pre-Construction Site Survey for Structured Cabling and Security SystemAsset Management Firm
2018-Nov-04Steward IT Equipment Shutdown, Restart & Validation during Building’s Annual Planned Power OutageMedical Device Maker
2018-Nov-04Relocation work for Marunouchi retail shop and related IT equipmentFashion Retailer
2018-Oct-29Cloud database refactoring and enhancement, adding categories to managed documents for better filtering and reportingIT Services Firm
2018-Oct-22Tokyo WAN failover test and validation with Proximus Co., reporting.Steel Wire Technology Maker
2018-Oct-19Migrate from old Active Directory and File/Print server, validate and document security complianceMedical Device Maker
2018-Oct-14Steward IT Equipment Shutdown and Restart during Building’s Annual Planned Power Outage (’tis the season)Real Estate Finance Management
2018-Oct-06Steward IT Equipment Shutdown and Restart during Building’s Annual Planned Power OutageFinancial Advisory Firm
2018-Sept-30Internal office desk move for about 20 usersMedical Device Maker
2018-Sept-15Apply Updates and Patches to Windows Servers, and Firmware Update to Firewall, and re-validate all functionsAnalytical Instruments Maker
2018-Sept-12Cloud database enhancement, scripting extraction of future-proof markdown text files from Documents data via API, and committing these to source code control for version comparison.IT Services FirmDetails
2018-Sept-08Replace old multifunction devices (printer, copier, scanner) with new models, setup, and test copying, printing and scanning to email and file server folderFinancial Advisory Firm
2018-Sept-07Urgent Upgrade of Orange IPANEMA network deviceElectron Microscope Maker
2018-Sept-05Retail Shop device and circuit relocation work in Okayama, number 2Fashion Retailer
2018-Sept-04Troubleshoot IP Cameras (Traffic Counters) at Retail Shop in YokohamaFashion Retailer
2018-Aug-22Connect Sales Office WAN via Sophos Firewall ApplianceAnalytical Instruments Maker
2018-Aug-06ISR Router Replacement triggered by Cisco Field NoticeElectron Microscope Maker
2018-Jul-21Cisco Core switch replacementAsset Management Firm
2018-Jul-06Fortinet Firewall appliance implementation and rack cable cleanupSteel Wire Technology Maker
2018-Jul-03Retail shop IT device and Internet circuit relocation in OkayamaFashion Retailer
2018-Jun-22Distribution center recovery construction after mezzanine removal.Medical Device Maker
2018-Jun-16Preparation and Execution of Network Addressing Change and Upgrade 2, Security Audit and Rectification, New FortiNet Firewall InstallationAsset Management Firm
2018-Jun-15Security Design, then Sophos Firewall Appliances Configuration, Install and Integration, at Japan HQ and Satellite SitesAnalytical Instruments Maker
2018-Jun-11PM for Navision ERP and Infrastructure upgradeMedical Device Maker
2018-Jun-03Preparation and Execution of Network Addressing Change and Upgrade, Security Audit and Rectification, New FortiNet Firewall InstallFinancial Advisory Firm
2018-May-22Windows Domain and Email ‘PC Migration’ Project driven by Company AcquisitionElectron Microscope Maker
2018-May-19Apply Microsoft update patches on server in Yokohama officeAnalytical Instruments Maker
2018-May-16WAN redundancy failover test with ProximusSteel Wire Technology Maker
2018-May-12Reception TV Mount Construction and Rear Entrance Phone Cabling and InstallMedical Device Maker
2018-May-01Citrix NetScalar Appliance InstallLaw Firm
2018-Apr-21VC Wall-mount TV and Core Switch Replacement ConstructionAsset Management Firm
2018-Apr-20Hiroshima Retail Outlet Store OpeningFashion Retailer
2018-Apr-13Distribution Center Internal Moves, Wifi and Network Construction Activities, due to Japan Fire Code changesMedical Device Maker
2018-Mar-21Lab Showroom Lighting Construction and Flooring FixElectron Microscope Maker
2018-Mar-18Annual Power Cycle and MaintenanceMedical Device Maker
2018-Mar-03Schneider APC Symmetra UPS ReplacementLaw Firm
2018-Mar-03Offsite WebEx Meeting Setup Support for ConferenceMedical Device Maker
2018-Mar-01Impella Committee English Language Website LaunchMedical Device MakerDetails
2018-Feb-11Annual Power Outage System Shutdown and Restart, Equipment DecommissioningLaw Firm
2018-Feb-01Impella Committee Mobile-friendly Website Re-LaunchMedical Device Maker
2018-Jan-27Internal office desk move for about 70 usersMedical Device Maker
2018-Jan-26Install a new wireless access point to replace their current consumer class oneAsset Management Firm
2018-Jan-23International IP Phone Service cutover to local IP Phone Service from Denphone.Medical Device Maker
2018-Jan-20Additional LAN Cable Installation ProjectAnalytical Instruments Maker
2018-Jan-13Internal Office Layout Change and CablingMedical Device Maker
2018-Jan-11Secure Windows server “inherited” from other vendor, by applying years worth of patchesAnalytical Instruments Maker
2017-Dec-26Research Toll Free 0120 “FreeDial” Number OptionsMedical Device Maker
2017-Dec-08Cutover Tokyo Firewall from Virtual to PhysicalMedical Device Maker
2017-Dec-05Remove Previous PBX Equipment from Rack and Prep for Send-backLaw Firm
2017-Dec-03Security Appliance Installation / HDD Onsite DestructionLaw Firm
2017-Nov-26Remove LAN Cable post-moveIntellectual Property Support Firm
2017-Nov-17Office Move ProjectIntellectual Property Support Firm
2017-Nov-13Planned Power Maintenance and Windows Update on ServersAnalytical Instruments Maker
2017-Nov-10Cisco SX10 Videoconference System InstallationAnalytical Instruments Maker
2017-Nov-10Replace Switches and Upgrade SonicWall Firewall FirmwareSecurities Firm
2017-Nov-01EMC AX4-5i Storage Array RemovalLaw Firm
2017-Oct-20Internet Connection Construction and Media Converter InstallationIntellectual Property Support Firm
2017-Oct-19Cisco Video-conference System (MX300) InstallationLaw Firm
2017-Oct-10Japan VAD Council Japanese-language Website LaunchedAcademic Society
2017-Oct-04Install “Pure Storage” Array HBA Cards to Prep for EMC ReplacementLaw Firm
2017-Sept-29Border Router ReplacementSteel Wire Technology Maker
2017-Sept-11Deploy 2nd Palo Alto FirewallMedical Device Maker
2017-Aug-27Additional LAN CablingAsset Management Firm
2017-Aug-11Windows update and patch for serverAnalytical Instruments Maker
2017-Jul-25Disaster Recovery Site Raritan Device ReplacementAsset Management Firm
2017-Jul-22New Server InstallationAnalytical Instruments Maker
2017-Jul-18Initial Quick Launch of “Council for Clinical Use of Ventricular Assist Device Related Academic Societies, IMPELLA committee” Japanese-language WebsiteMedical Device Maker
2017-Jul-01Patch Cabling Replacement in Server RoomIT Services Firm
2017-Jun-13New cabling for Wireless AP & Conference roomLaw Firm
2017-May-25Security device replacement, de-rack re-rackAsset Management Firm
2017-Apr-11WAN equipment replacement, backup circuit upgrade, network firmware upgradesSteel Wire Technology Maker
2017-Jan-05Major office and lab construction, office move and consolidationElectron Microscope MakerDetails
2016-Dec-01Japanese Language Website LaunchMedical Device Maker
2016-Oct-17Partially-Furnished Office Move ProjectMedical Device MakerDetails
2015-Mar-31New Konica MFP InstallationMedical Device Maker
2013-Jul-26Japan Website LaunchMedical Device Maker
2012-Apr-28Tokyo DC Refresh and Earthquake Proofing, and APC Symmetra UPS ReplacementLaw FirmDetails
2012-Apr-14New AV Video Conference Equipment ConstructionElectron Microscope Maker
2012-Apr-05New AV Video Conference Equipment Construction PrepElectron Microscope Maker
2012-Mar-13Perform Site Survey for New AV Video Conference Equipment ConstructionElectron Microscope Maker
2012-Mar-08Create an Independent Direct Number and Voicemail Box for HRMedical Device Maker
2012-Mar-04New Wireless Access Points and ControllersElectron Microscope Maker
2012-Mar-01Pre-cabling Site SurveySteel Wire Technology Maker
2012-Feb-28Logistics Center LAN Cabling Relocation, Re-pull WorkMedical Device Maker
2006-Aug-01Japan PM for Rollout of BaaN ERP and ARGO21 EDI to replace Legacy AS/400 SystemMedical Device MakerDetails

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