Your Challenges, Our Solutions

When you engage a professional services firm, getting your problem solved is the first thing on your mind, not the firm’s history or philosophy, or the latest fad. Designing and implementing practical, realistic and future-proof solutions for your business and IT problems is the most important thing the professionals at eSolia do.


Think about eSolia services in these ways:

By Challenge - what challenges are you up against now? Are you involved in a merger and need help migrating or combining IT systems? Is your Japan IT department not performing well? Do you have a move coming up?

By Service Area - what sorts of services eSolia is providing, from consulting to defining your requirements, to project management to keep a project on time & within the budget, or to post-implementation support.

By Topic - focused on a specific need or topic: “I need someone to manage my project” or “I need a company to build my email system” and the like.

We are confident that our experience and areas of professional expertise speak for themselves, but allow us to introduce you to a few good solutions. What challenges are you facing today?

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