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Management Project Management Management by eSolia In the context of eSolia’s work, management, and more specifically project management, is the art of closely coupling tasks with actions, managing budget and schedule quality to ensure there are no problems with overages or slippages, and, ensuring that clients are getting their expected return on investment regarding the project’s deliverables. All this, while maintaining the required administrative project structures, plans, and operational momentum.


Helpdesk On-site Process Training Website Localization eSolia onsite services eSolia professionals are dispatched to your office, to deliver on-site services such as: User support on Windows or Mac. Systems administration, maintenance and troubleshooting for all aspects of your IT infrastructure, including desktops, laptops, network, wireless, website, storage, telephone, printers, multi-function copiers and so on. Training for applications or new user on-boarding. IMAC (“install, add, move, change”) execution. New system builds and hard disk “imaging”.