Process Management

Relief for your Many Runaway Processes

Double-edged IT

If one uses IT efficiently, one can utilize the basic nature of IT freely, and leverage that to receive immeasurable benefits. However, if misunderstood, IT can be a double-edged sword, increasing work and even decreasing efficiency.

To use it effectively, there’s no need to try to handle everything internally. In fact, say goodbye to fear of processes, and leave your process management to eSolia!

An enemy named “process”

Frequently Requested

  1. Project Management
  2. Server and Data Center Management
  3. Compliance Management
  4. Asset Management
  5. License Management

Processes tend to become more complicated over time, especially when it involves something you’re not quite expert in. In the context of a master support agreement, eSolia will skillfully manage them on your behalf, using our refined procedures, or your desired methods.

  1. Strong project management for changing requirements, and imminent deadlines.
  2. Procurement for your ever-changing hardware and business support software.
  3. Budget management that considers both efficiency and your wallet.
  4. In cold, isolated data centers, cabling management to tame that spaghetti.
  5. Manage compliance to manage risks and threats.
  6. Got a bewildering number of assets? Consider them managed.
  7. License management, so you know who has what version and how many copies are installed.
  8. Warranty management for clear understanding of warranty periods, terms and extensions.
  9. Recycling and disposal management for the pileup of “junk”, and secure deletion of data.

The eSolia Philosophy for Process Management

Each process is different, but in all cases, eSolia performs in a consistent manner:

  • We act as an ombudsman on your behalf, keeping your mandate or the best practice in mind, as we negotiate with any involved parties.
  • Each process is performed with supporting documentation as the base, whether that documentation is your standards and mandates, or our best practices.
  • You give the “go sign”, but our experts provide the decision support.
  • We’ll take end to end responsibility. All processes will have preparation, adjustment, execution, documentation and support afterwards.
  • Results are stored in eSolia’s extensive knowledge database, and reports are provided to you.


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