Telework, why is it not "working" out?

Categorize the problem and proceed from many angles

Author(s): Ena Ishikawa
Date: 14-Oct-2020

So, what’s behind telework failures? With the rapid need for most of us to shift into a teleworking environment due to the recent Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic, many corporate offices are still facing challenges to either make that initial shift, or have started teleworking but experiencing a significant drop in their productivity at the same time.

The Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Telework Information Website has a wealth of well-organized information and useful guidelines which we recommend you reference. However, for the corporations who are having a hard time getting their telework environment started, or for organizations who are running into an overwhelming number of problems after beginning teleworking, first we recommend you start with the following categorization process.

Let’s breakdown each of the teleworking challenges you might be facing and categorize them.

  • Organizational Challenges
    • Lack of understanding in “Risk management on information leakage”, “Need for establishment & ongoing auditing of an IT Security Policy”, and “Need for IT investment”.
  • Technological Challenges
    • Lack of technical knowledge in choosing the right tools needed for the IT Security Policy, as well as the design and execution of on-going audits needed after the implementation.
  • Staffing Challenges
    • Lack of knowledge on how to train staff in understanding the organization’s IT Structure, or usage of IT-related tools/software.
  • Human Resource Management Challenges
    • Lack of an employee check-in / check-out capture or management system.
    • Lack of labor guidelines for proper teleworking management (e.g.).

We believe there are still plenty of business leaders today, who share a feeling of uneasiness and unfamiliarity when it comes to the subject of security risks within their company. If you are facing difficulties in your firm’s transition into teleworking, or simply are just overwhelmed by the whole thing, we would like to hear from you and get a clear picture of your current situation. Our professionals can then identify and analyze your requirements, existing company IT resources, and security risks, then pinpoint every needed task. After a detailed hearing and analysis, together we can remove that barrier of unfamiliarity and uneasiness, and shift the focus to solving the actual problems.

Through a detailed hearing with you, we can identify each problem and propose solutions specific to teleworking, or indeed for ongoing services such as everyday IT helpdesk, or ongoing IT auditing and compliance.

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