Security and Convenience

Deciding the Balance Between

Author(s): eSolia
Date: 7-Jul-2015


In recent years, we have seen an increase in “cloudifications” that are allowing people to work anywhere, any time.

However, no matter what period of history you are discussing, security and convenience are always at odds with each other. When one side increases or is strengthened, the other decreases and is weakened naturally. When a company is considering cloud services, the IT department needs to carefully consider security matters.

Examining the Proportions

Of course, the fastest way to ensure high security is to simply disconnect and disallow any access. But that’s not the answer, since you won’t be able to get any work done. Conversely, allowing too much access, for example allowing blank passwords or unencrypted systems, is not the answer either, and is simply too risky.

The proportion depends upon the type of company. Companies managing peoples’ financial assets will obviously need to have a heavy emphasis on strict security, and will therefore have to deal with inconvenience. But a company that for example, does not deal with any privacy concerns will be able to put the emphasis on convenience.

How can security co-exist with convenience?

How IT Should Be

Basically, an IT department must protect its company’s profits, and would have no meaning if it is somehow blocking a company’s profit-making activities, or causing asset losses. An IT department must always strive to create a user environment that helps users be as productive for the company as they can be.

In closing

The compliance decision of the proper “level” of security for the situation, and the knowledge within IT to make that happen in a practical manner, are two areas that change at breakneck speed.

In this sort of case, we have to continually search for the latest information, and it’s probably best to get some help from a company with a wide range of knowledge and experience, like eSolia.

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