eSolia COVID-19 Post-State-of-Emergency Support Stance

How is eSolia continuing to handle support during COVID?

Author(s): Cogley, Fukuoka
Date: 28-May-2020

Please accept our sincere wishes for the health of you, your colleagues and your loved ones, during this difficult and frightening COVID-19 pandemic. The front-line first-responders in healthcare and the government are the real heroes in this situation, and we owe them our grateful thanks.

On 26th May 2020, the state of emergency was lifted, so we are posting here to let our clients know how we are going to provide support, moving forward.

During the state of emergency, eSolia adjusted and has provided support in the most flexible way we can. After the state of emergency, as a rule we will perform remote work where possible and commute during non-peak hours. As before, we are open to hearing your suggestions.

When on site, while taking into account any client guidelines regarding COVID-19 for reducing disease transmission, our support engineers will do as follows:

  1. Self-check body temperature and general health before starting shift. We will adjust onsite schedules in the case of a fever or any ill health symptoms.
  2. “Social Distancing”: during visits eSolia personnel will wherever possible observe recommended social distancing guidelines between themselves and client personnel.
  3. “Three C’s”: eSolia personnel will wherever possible avoid Crowds, Close Contact and Closed Spaces. Furthermore, there will be no more than two eSolia people on site at any one time.
  4. Masks: eSolia personnel will wear masks, and will store extra masks in the IT desk area at your site.
  5. Hand washing and disinfecting: eSolia personnel will wash and disinfect hands, and IT equipment. We will store extra disinfectant in the IT desk area at your site.
  6. Cough etiquette: eSolia personnel will observe correct etiquette when coughing.

eSolia will adjust these practices as needed according to government guidelines to reduce the transmission of COVID-19 during the expected second or third waves of the disease, taking into account the health of the individuals and families of our clients, business partners, and eSolia personnel.

Everyone’s flexible cooperation will be critical to seeing an end to this crisis as soon as is possible, so please be smart and stay safe.

Rick Cogley, CEO and co-RD
Takumi Fukuoka, COO and co-RD

Japanese Government Sanitation How-to Poster for COVID-19

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