When remote is not enough

eSolia onsite services

eSolia professionals are dispatched to your office, to deliver on-site services such as:

  • User support on Windows or Mac.
  • Systems administration, maintenance and troubleshooting for all aspects of your IT infrastructure, including desktops, laptops, network, wireless, website, storage, telephone, printers, multi-function copiers and so on.
  • Training for applications or new user on-boarding.
  • IMAC (“install, add, move, change”) execution.
  • New system builds and hard disk “imaging”.

Main Activities

  1. PC and Peripheral Setup
  2. General IT Troubleshooting
  3. Account Creation and Admin
  4. Escalation to HQ and Bilingual Coordination
  5. Consultation and Procurement, Repair Dispatch

Dispatch engineers

With a master agreement, on-demand, part-time or full-time on-site coverage is available. We can dispatch engineers including the following:

  • User Support Professionals
  • Desktop and Laptop Engineers
  • Server Engineers
  • Network Engineers
  • Database Administrators
  • Website Developers
  • Application Developers

In all cases, we strive to provide support which supports the continuity of your business, assigning at least 2 professionals to your account, and providing an “agnostic” service based on industry best practices, not locked to any one vendors’s platform or service.


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