Office Moves

The Dramatic Before & After

Sleepless Nights before an Office Move

Moves are physically and mentally demanding, office moves even more so, and then add in an office move in Japan and it’s a recipe for stress. Just take a look around and it will become apparent. It’s not just about desks, files and office supplies; it’s also about coordinating the moves of all the PCs, monitors, printers and other equipment, so you can see that it might feel overwhelming.

On top of that, there is the cabling, the system racks, the servers and network, that not only has to be moved, but also restored and tested to its current working state. Then there’s the deadline and budget, that we mustn’t forget. Until it’s done, you can’t really sleep soundly.

What do we handle?

  1. New Offices
  2. General Moves
  3. Layout Changes
  4. Team and Resource Coordination
  5. Equipment Move and Testing

What do we handle?

  1. New Offices
  2. General Moves
  3. Layout Changes
  4. Team and Resource Coordination
  5. Equipment Move and Testing

eSolia has extensive experience in planning and executing office moves. We will act as your ombudsman during your next office move, communicating clearly and bilingually with the stakeholders involved in the project such as your Japan team, HQ IT and Facilities departments, as well as with our trusted partners.

We’ll confirm each point and system one by one, and stick to any mandates you supply with regard to the project. We’re pleased to say that we have a successful track record of smoothly and precisely coordinating all the involved people, parties and equipment to ensure a glitch-free move.

Our Craft

Here’s a few words about the eSolia approach to moves:

  • We keep the big picture in mind, while managing move and construction projects to allow the highest flexibility for change.
  • Even if it’s your first office move, you can feel safe leaving it to eSolia.
  • We can refit or move an existing office, to make it more suitable and comfortable for your business.
  • We’ll do the “heavy lifting” of furniture and equipment, and even test for you.
  • Got many internal or intra-office moves? We can handle them efficiently and with equal skill.
  • Is your current office’s cabling a “spaghetti” mess? Let us bring some order to it, with industry standard structured cabling and cable management.
  • We can handle server and network moves, and new setups as needed. After all, it’s one of our specialties.
  • Packing and Unpacking will be done in an orderly and disciplined manner.


To paint all moves with the same brush is to ignore the many differences in scope, scale and location, as well as the variation in the needed resources, and general difficulty. So, since moves are once- or twice-in-a-lifetime, why not get us to handle it for you. Specifically, we can handle:

  • Very small to very large moves.
  • Moves from floor to floor in the same building only.
  • Taking on the responsibility for IT support, at the same time as an office move.
  • Aggressive lead times, given your cooperation.
  • Smoothing out relationships with uncooperative building superintendents.
  • Upgrading or working around old or inflexible facilities environments.

As you can see our experience is wide-ranging, but there is one common thing: our clients have expressed the same satisfaction with our completed jobs.

If you have a move or questions about office moves, we hope you’ll use the form below to contact us today!

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