Coordination for success

Management by eSolia

In the context of eSolia’s work, management, and more specifically project management, is the art of closely coupling tasks with actions, managing budget and schedule quality to ensure there are no problems with overages or slippages, and, ensuring that clients are getting their expected return on investment regarding the project’s deliverables. All this, while maintaining the required administrative project structures, plans, and operational momentum.

eSolia’s Approach


  1. Budget!
  2. Quality!
  3. Schedule!
  4. Project!
  5. Bilingual!

Our practical project management approach is unique, and allows us to avoid typical project issues like the “parkinson’s effect” where work mysteriously expands to fill available time, ill-managed schedules and scopes, too much analysis and other pitfalls.

What are some of the keys? We think it’s this:

  • Use of a flexible project tracking application, inside our “PROdb” ops database.
  • Special techniques for communication, especially within a multilingual, multicultural environment.
  • Focused training when it’s needed.
  • Skillful coordination and control of project parties.
  • Multilingual and multicultural professionals working on the project.

A history of success

eSolia has a long, successful history of providing management services for multinational firms, in areas such as these:

  • IT Infrastructure Projects
  • Compliance Projects
  • Enterprise Software Projects
  • Interim Turnaround Management
  • Business Process Projects
  • Ongoing Support Management

eSolia’s real experience and successful track record running large, complex projects in ERP, BPR, technology refreshes and rollouts, moves, and development speaks for itself.


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