Bilingual service via phone and remote

Wisdom of the Masses

You have a sudden thought, search the Internet for a quick answer, and get a reasonable one. And that’s not because some guru is standing by 24x7. Rather, since the dawn of the Internet, large numbers of people have asked and received answers to a multitude of questions. Their collective ideas make up the “wisdom of the masses”.

Wisdom of eSolia

Typical Support Flows

  1. Mail or Phone Support
  2. Confirmation and Triage
  3. Internal Database Search
  4. Troubleshooting or Remote Support
  5. Data Collection
  6. Results Documentation

In addition to general IT troubleshooting knowledge, the eSolia Helpdesk service has a wide range of experience in software and hardware questions, problem analysis, troubleshooting, via email or telephone. Also, we take advantage of modern remote support technology to provide support from our call center to your location. It’s almost like being there.

But all of this is not done by just a single engineer. In fact, expecting one person to know all the past experience and hold all the past knowledge, is frankly a herculean task. Rather, all eSolia helpdesk-related data and knowledge is stored in our custom-built PROdb IT operations database, for easy recall and reporting by any team member. It’s there that we store the “wisdom of eSolia”.

Helpdesk Magic

  • All requests and incidents tracked as tickets in our custom-made database.
  • Support is provided by bilingual professionals in Japanese, English or Chinese. Expect smooth escalation to vendors and HQ IT.
  • Processes and procedures follow ITIL and COBIT standards and best practices.
  • Warranty and licenses agreements are tracked and managed, supporting a seamless support style.
  • Remote support and monitoring available for servers and user systems.
  • Inventory tracking available, for the best procurement advice for upgrades and new purchases, and repair tracking.
  • Recovery for mistaken data deletion, backups and restorations.
  • Update management provided, for OS upgrades, bug-fix, anti-virus and security patches.
  • Special processing for urgent or high-impact requests.


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